Cut & Fill Earthworks



Your builder or earthmoving contractor may suggest a “Cut and Fill”.  Cutting and filling is the process of moving earth from one place to another to make the ground more level and ready for constructions.  A ‘cut’ is made when earth is cut from above the desired ground height and a ‘fill’ is when earth is used to fill a hole to desired ground level.

Earthworks can vary considerably from job to job depending on the size and scale of the earthmoving project in question. Even the smallest jobs, for example, building a new driveway or erecting a shed, involves earthmoving, typically in the form of excavation to ensure the surface is nice and flat.  For the long term stability of the new structure that is being built, it is imperative that the earthworks are carried out correctly and professionally.

It is well known that one of the most challenging aspects of earthworks is the cut and fill. This involves excavating materials from part of a site (cut) so they can be used to raise the level elsewhere on the site or to make embankments (fill). The challenge here is being able to calculate just how much material to remove whilst ensuring all costs are weighted up effectively. Without this, you are more likely to run into unforeseen problems, including higher expenses or unnecessary delays.

At Shovelling Spade Earthworks, we have a lot of experience with earthmoving and cut and fill projects.  We offer a professional earthmoving service for clients all across Perth and surrounding areas.  We have the earthmoving skills and professionalism to see your project through from start to finish. Shovelling Spade will deliver a highly professional experience, but at the same time provide great value for money.

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