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Shovelling Spade Earthworks is an experienced provider of stormwater drainage excavation services. With our expertise and knowledge of excavations and earthworks for the installation of stormwater drains and other drainage needs, we can undertake projects both large and small.

What Exactly is a Soakwell?
A soakwell, otherwise referred to as a storm pit, storm tank, soak hole, or drainage tanks used to catch and disperse water.  These underground tanks  collect water from gutters, downpipes and surface drains, permitting water to seep away without flooding.

How are Soakwells Installed?

Typically, soakwells are installed below ground and  vary in depth anywhere from 500mm to 2,4m. Even in areas when drainage is considered good, soakwells are an essential part of building a new home and preventing foundation damage cause by soil erosion and water damage..

When Should Soakwells be Installed?
Prior to the construction of a new home, the builder will carefully plan the most suitable positions where soakwells should be installed. All councils in Perth, Western Australia, stipulate that rain water must be contained within the borders of your property and this can be solved through the installation a soakwell or holding tanks which hold and evenly distribute the excess water.

At Shovelling Spade Earthworks in Perth, we pride ourselves on having the  expertise and knowledge of excavations and earthworks for the installation of your stormwater drains, soakwells and other drainage needs. We can undertake projects both large and small.

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