Site Clearing & Tree Stump Removal



At Shovelling Spade Earthworks, we can assist you to maximise your land space by removing tree stumps, bushes, stones, or whatever else may be cluttering up your yard.

Why Remove that Stump?  If a tree stump is left in the ground, they can start re-growing or rotting.  Not to mention they look unsightly, lift your pavers or generally, be in the way.  Shovelling Spade can remove your stump easily without too much disruption to your garden. Land Clearing services in and around all Perth’s suburbs.

Clear you site, remove tree stumps from your land, demolish old construction, or site clearance. Shovelling Spade Earthworks in Armadale, Perth provide all clearing, site preparation and earthmoving services to commercial, industrial and residential sectors. Experienced Competitive  earthwork contractor in Perth, Western Australia. Quality Earthmoving services at affordable prices.

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