Needing Siteworks Done?  At Shovelling Spade we can attend to all you site works preparation needs.  House Pads, Shed Pads, Water Tank Pads, Granny flat pads, Toilet Shelter pads, Trenches, Pier Hole, landfill  Etc.

Staying on budget means staying on schedule and steering away from unnecessary delays and problems. The first step to an efficient, well-executed project is the site preparation process that strictly adheres to builder and council specifications.

Our team at Shovelling Spade Earthworks are experienced in a wide variety of site preparation techniques.   We work alongside you and your builder all the way, and can quickly adapt to sudden changes of plan and unexpected challenges.  At every step, we will ensure that your construction project, whether it be your new home, a new shed or factory unit is executed on a solid foundation.

Shovelling Spade Earthworks

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