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Shovelling Spade Earthworks: Experienced in Bitumen driveways, asphalt driveways, driveway repairs, paving, carpark and tennis court construction

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Shovelling Spade Earthworks not only supplies heavy machinery for your earthmoving project, we also supply and deliver gravel and sand supplies

Our excavating services range from land clearance, removing and excavating garden sheds and swimming pools, small-scale demolition jobs, as well as site-work preparation for buildings or other construction projects.

Tree stump removal
At Shovelling Spade Earthworks, we can assist you to maximise your land space by removing tree stumps, bushes, stones, or whatever else may be cluttering up your yard. Why Remove...
Shovelling Spade Earthworks is an experienced provider of stormwater drainage excavation services. With our expertise and knowledge of excavations and earthworks for the installation of stormwater drains and other drainage...
Shovelling Spade Earthworks Perth Western Australia
Shovel and Spade is an owner-operated earthmoving business, providing excavation & removal services to residential home owners, the Perth construction industry and commercial developments. We are based south of the...
Shovelling Spade Earthworks Perth
Needing Siteworks Done?  At Shovelling Spade we can attend to all you site works preparation needs.  House Pads, Shed Pads, Water Tank Pads, Granny flat pads, Toilet Shelter pads, Trenches,...
Shovelling Spade Earthworks is experienced in rock breaking, rock recycling and site preparation. Rocks can be used for rock gardens, retaining walls or can be carted offsite.  Breaking up rocky...
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